the only thing high school ever taught me was that when one of your parents doesn’t like one of your friends your friend is probably a piece of shit

I AM SO HAPPY mom has agreed to let us adopt the two orphaned kittens we were fostering for my sister’s volunteer work and now our litto babies will be here with us for good and I will love them forever in all their poopybutt glory sob my precious litto potatos

" JimsNerdNation @jimsnerdnation · Jul 6@rossenbeej YT can deal with the false claims. Two of the artists emailed me that they were coerced into making claims, one was offered cash" So yeah, the assholes now lie about this.

Yeah, that’s just a blatant lie. It makes no sense at all to have to be “coerced” into defending your own artwork, so there’s no logical basis for that lie. The only contact I had with others happened when nice people came to me to inform me my art was stolen. I took it upon myself to contact YT and FB - no one forced me to do anything. He’s acting like there are people who are forcing others to attack him, but he’s not the victim here - he’s the thief. I guess he’s just the kind of person who hates admitting wrongdoing even though it’s obvious to everyone else.


To Catch an Art Thief…


As those of you who’ve been following me for a while will remember, way back in 2012 I slowly drove myself to madness ran an art marathon project called 100 Days of Art to raise funds for Arts Emergency. On Day 78, I published the illustration below of The Walking Dead's Daryl Dixon, as shown by the included RT from the charity itself.


Fast forward to DeviantArt on 03 July 2014 and, alongside the usual requests to draw bizarre fetish scenarios for very little money, I receive a notice that some fella operating under the username JimsNerdNation has been taking credit for the work of many artists - myself included - and even selling for a profit. They included a link to a YouTube video that opens, I see, with a familiar yet different image.

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To those of you who still remember me and are following this tiny sideblog of mine despite my long, long absence from Tumblr - WOW! I just want to sincerely apologize for disappearing without much of a warning, and bring attention to the irony that I left because I was tired of reposters but am now returning to Tumblr because of a real, bona fide digital art thief.

I don’t know if OP here is still active on Tumblr, but if you are - I just want to say that you’re not alone, and that this guy has returned to stealing artwork again. The art he stole from me is nowhere near the caliber of what he stole from you, but nonetheless it is infuriating that he claims his is the original when my original upload to deviantART ( was posted a little over 6 years ago in January of 2009. And, yes, he’s erased all of my watermarks and identifying information as well. In hindsight, I did use way too many watermarks on my old artworks because of my paranoia at having my art stolen and I’ve since chosen to use much smaller watermarks for the benefit of my honest viewers - but really, the irony of this whole situation is astounding.

Anyways, Facebook has kindly removed his infringing copy of my work, but his youtube channel “JimsNerdNation” allowed him to file a “Counterclaim” and now Youtube says: “We’re providing you with the counter notification and await your notice (in not more than 10 business days) that you’ve filed an action seeking a court order to restrain the counter notifier’s allegedly infringing activity. Such notice should be submitted by replying to this email. If we don’t receive notice from you, we may reinstate the material to YouTube.” I think it’s ridiculous that YT says I should hire an attorney when my image dates back to 2009 and comes up within the first two pages if you google “Rob Lucci” - clearly this guy saw my artwork and decided he’d grab it for himself.





Every time I see this I just can’t get over how Andrew W.K likes lucky star

“Robert Pattinson - Kino’s Journey”

More importantly Andrew W.K. loves Gundam. He really, really loves Gundam. So much that he released an album (in Japan only) where he covers a bunch of Gundam songs, with English vocals. 
It’s called Gundam Rock and it’s actually not bad. (Or so bad it’s good?) As long as you love Gundam a whole bunch.
…also omfg Radcliffe likes Hajime No Ippo and Monster. BLESS THAT BOY AND HIS FANTASTIC TASTE.

Hulk Hogan.

Also omg Daniel Radcliffe and Monster. Monster really is amazing and not enough people have watched/read it at all sigh GO YOU DANIEL


i can’t just go running away from tumblr off into the blue

i am a bloggins

of blog end

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How well do you see color?

The closer you get to 0 the better




it says the average for my age is 0 though wweh

16 eh

i got fucking 0

it’s 8am & i’ve been awake since 8pm & i have perfect colour vision WAOOEHEOR

thats weird, I took one of these before and didn’t score perfect, but this time, I did. Perfect color vision yay

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just shut up.


First, a story. 

So, my first semester of my freshman year of college, I took this Intro to Women’s Studies class. The class met for five hours a week, one two hour session and one three hour session, and the breakdown of students was what I eventually discovered to be the typical sampling in any Women’s Studies class with no pre-recs at my mid-sized, southern Ohio state school. There were a number of girls who would become, or were already part of, the feminist advocacy groups on campus; there were a number of girls who would prove themselves to be opposed to feminism in both concept and practice, one of whom I distinctly recall giving a presentation on the merits of the “Mrs. Degree,” while my professor’s eye twitched in muted horror; there were a handful of girls and at least one guy I’d come to know later through assorted campus queer groups; and there were, of course, the three to six dudebros, self-admittedly there to “meet chicks,” all but one or two of whom would drop the class after the first midterm. At eighteen, I was myself a feminist in name but not in practice—I believed in the idea behind feminism (which is, for the record, that people should be on equal footing regardless of gender, not that we should CRUSH ALL MEN BENEATH THE VICIOUS HEELS OF OUR DOC MARTENS GLORY HALLELUJAH), but I didn’t actually know anything about it. I could not identify the waves of feminism. Intersectionality and how the movement is crap at it were not things of which I was aware. Never had I ever encountered the writings of bell hooks. In a lucky break, you do not need to know about the waves of feminism, or know what intersectionality is, or have read bell hooks to read this essay! (But you should read bell hooks. Everyone should read bell hooks. bell hooks is FUCKING AWESOME.) 

The first couple of weeks of this class were about what you’d expect. The professor was fun and engaging, but she was not exactly pulling out the eye-opening stops on our wide-eyed freshman asses. There were handouts. There were selections of the textbook for reading. There was a very depressing class about domestic violence, abuse, and rape that was the typical rattling off of terms and horrific statistics that everyone winced at, but that nobody really internalized. The dudebros snickered in the back corner, grouped together like they would be infested by cooties if they spread out, occasionally chiming in with helpful comments like, “Dude, the lady on the back of this book is smoking,” and getting turned down by each girl in the class, on whom they were hitting in what I can only assume was a pre-determined descending order of hotness. The queer kids, myself included, huddled in the other corner making pithy comments. The up-and-coming active feminists glared at the bros, who leered back, and the Mrs. Degree-friendly crowd mostly texted under their desks and made it very clear that they were only there for humanities credit. Again, it was a fairly typical southern Ohio state school class full of fairly typical southern Ohio state school freshmen. Nobody was super engaged, is what I am saying here. Nobody, myself included, was really eating it up with a spoon. 

And then one day, my professor opened the class with, “So, who here has seen Beauty and the Beast?” 

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